Vahan Setyan

About Vahan Setyan

Vahan Setyan is the author of three best-selling books in ancient history and languages including “Enigma of the Armenian Alphabet,” “Language as a Fingerprint” and “Armenian Origins of Basque.” His fourth publication was “The Tipping Point: Healthcare Woes, Covid-19, and Future of Native Health,” a ground-breaking, controversial and the only inside critical and unbiased view of the current and future economic and societal genocide of the Native Americans, bringing forth possible economic development and healthcare solutions in the post-pandemic era. Dr. Setyan contributed to articles such as “Letter to Humanity: Genocide and Ethnocide of the Native Americans” and “Saving the Literary Past: In Search of Armenian Pre-Christian Manuscripts.” His upcoming books in development with titles, “Paradox of the Armenian Alphabet” and “The Sumerians” will expand on his previous publications.

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